All eyes to the sky!

Highlining is breathtaking and entertaining. It is a symbol of innovation and progress.
Our captivating shows are artistic and explosive and elegant.

Slackline events always guarantee a good media reach.

We offer professional slackline shows for advertising and sales campaigns, for company & private events, as well as for festivals and concerts.

In addition we gladly document your event with our partner film production.

A variety of international customers and partners appreciate the quality of our work, among others Café BrittEuropean school of Costa RicaLa NacionPeople Are AwesomeGerman AmbassyNational Geographic and the Confederation of Switzerland.


What can be performed:



Live talking (with an ear microphone while performing)


A highline performance will take place in the sky! There is no maximum height but the line should be at least at 8-10 meters above the ground.

The line is 200 meters high ? Let’s do it ! Its possible to install highlines almost everywhere. Contact us and we will find a solution for your location.



We do not have a fixed price list for bookings. Depending on your project and production we will gladly tailor an individual offer that suits your requirements. Thus shows, events and productions can be realized in a wide range of budgets.


Any special demand ? Let us know!