“How is that even possible?"

is a common reaction to my shows.

Bô le voyage musical, trickline performance

Tricklining is impressive and entertaining. It is one of the most unique and innovative freestyle performances of our era. Our captivating shows are artistic and explosive and elegant.

We offer professional shows for public & private events, compagny events, festivals and concerts as well as advertising and sales campaigns.

I have performed 50+ performances in 20 countries of the world.

This is a unique opportunity for your event to stand out with incredible performances that in addition to the live shows,

guarantee an excellent media coverage.


Above all, good anchors are needed. Solid trees, concrete columns or two 2t water or concrete blocks.

A distance between 15 - 30 m is great for the trickline.

There is no maximum height but the line should be At least 150 cm high.

All facilities are secured and respectful of space and infrastructure.

These are high-level performances achieved with hard work and professional experience. All performances in heights are done with a harness and a safety leash and thus the artist never runs the risk of falling.

Tricklining can be done in the evening or at night with lighting and guarantee an incredible show!

It is possible to install tricklines almost everywhere. Contact us and we will find a solution for your location.


A variety of international customers and partners trusts and appreciate the quality of my work, among others:

In Switzerland, numerous clients trust my work:


We do not have a fixed price list for bookings. Depending on your project and production we will gladly tailor an individual offer that suits your requirements. Thus shows, events and productions can be realized in a wide range of budgets.

The fee always includes:

  • 2 to 4 performances, shows during the day / night

  • Assembly, dismantling of all installations

  • Security of all installations

  • Entire gear and quality guarantee

  • Satisfaction guarantee

We gladly document your event with our partner film production.