Waterline World Record

In April 2017, the Slacktivity team set off to break the world record of the longest slackline over water.

Location : Kalterer See, Italy

The team, with the support of the local authorities and a firefighters team, managed to rig this huge 750 meter slackline crossing the hole lake on a height of 40 meters over the water.

The best part was that the line was 40 meters high and had exactly 40 meters of sag in the middle. We would hang out on a pedal boat right next to the slackliner and speak with him while he was doing his crossing.

Samuel Volery, Lukas Irmler and Tijmen Van Dieren all sent the line, establishing the new record.

The project was featured in several news papers and by National Geographic.

Photos by Cola Petra.

Videos shot by Lyell Grunberg.