Slackline performance over water !

The Slacktivity team was invited during the sports day in Lachen Switzerland to teach slacklining and Lyell Grunberg performed a trickline show over the lake in the harbour.

“It was great to perform in front of all these people. It was quite a challenge to be able to perform tricklining over the water without falling a single time. If I fall the show is over. But everything went perfectly and I managed to do all my tricks in a 15 minute performance.” 

Slackline course for the public school of Baden

Sports day in a school in Baden, Switzerland.

Lyell Grunberg and his sister Lydia Grunberg are both official Swiss Slackline Instructors. Four times a day, the students of the school had the chance to enter the two hour slackline course held by both instructors. The students (age 13-17) had never slackened before and were able to walk a 10m slackline without falling and turning around to walk back after the two hour course. Some of them also started learning some basic tricks.

Lyell performed two trickline shows in front of all the students out over the concrete of the basketball pitch.

“My sister and I definitely work well as team. We were able to bring the students from total beginners to walking and crossing their first slackline. The progression brought by some of the key advices was very impressive.” 

RedBull Slackships 2017

Red Bull Slackship: The highest Slackline competition ever.

The Red Bull Slackship event takes place in Gdynia, Poland. It is a Trickline competition happening 25 meters high up between the masts of the biggest sail boat on earth.

Lyell Grunberg was one of the 10 athletes invited by Red Bull for this event hosting the best Trickliners in the world.

Result: 4th place

“For many slackliners from across the globe, competing at Red Bull Slackship on board Dar Młodzieży (The Gift of Youth) would be a dream come true. This year, the world’s elite of experts in acrobatics performed on Slacklines are gathering in Poland. 10 of the best athletes in the world and one rookie will square off on a 23-meters long Slackline rigged between the masts of the sailing ship at the height of 25 metres. The competition encompasses a few rounds during which the slackliners perform acrobatics while trying to avoid falling down and the judges evaluate three elements: style, difficulty of the tricks, and the height at which they are being performed.” .- Red Bull