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Metanoia Festival Swtizerland 15 -21 Juillet

Metanoia est un festival chrétien qui a lieu tous les étés sur la plaine des martyrs de St-Maurice, au cœur de la nature. Depuis plus de 10 ans, le festival est un lieu de rencontre et de partage entre festivaliers. Ce festival est aussi un moment d’ouverture à un amour plus grand que le nôtre, celui de Dieu.

Au programme : Des moments de partage: concerts, spectacles, soirée raclette, bar animé et bien d’autres choses à découvrir.

  • Des activités sportives : via ferrata, Stand-up paddle, windsurf, baignade, foot, marche...

  • Du temps spirituel : célébrations, conférences, confessions, soirées miséricordes et adorations.

Move Copenhagen Slackline

Move Copenhagen

JULY, 11th - 14th 2019



Join me there, I will be teaching slacklining!




On a private island off the shores of artistic and exotic Granada, we open our residency doors to artists, yogis and festival fairies to co-create the original Momentom magic of training in circus and yoga, along with the usual skinny dipping sessions in the volcanic lake, cuddle puddles and kitchen salsa jams. 
Our goal is to put forward weekly social circus to the local community along with running our usual professional training schedule.


Join me in Nicaragua for some Slackline & Circus !!!

Join me in Nicaragua for some Slackline & Circus !!!

Slackline Show & Course in the school of Baden, Switzerland

Sports day in a school in Baden, Switzerland.

Lyell Grunberg and his sister Lydia Grunberg are both official Swiss Slackline Instructors. Four times a day, the students of the school had the chance to enter the two hour slackline course held by both instructors. The students (age 13-17) had never slackened before and were able to walk a 10m slackline without falling and turning around to walk back after the two hour course. Some of them also started learning some basic tricks.

Lyell performed two trickline shows in front of all the students out over the concrete of the basketball pitch.

“My sister and I definitely work well as team. We were able to bring the students from total beginners to walking and crossing their first slackline. The progression brought by some of the key advices was very impressive.” 

RedBull Slackships 2017

Red Bull Slackship: The highest Slackline competition ever.

The Red Bull Slackship event takes place in Gdynia, Poland. It is a Trickline competition happening 25 meters high up between the masts of the biggest sail boat on earth.

Lyell Grunberg was one of the 10 athletes invited by Red Bull for this event hosting the best Trickliners in the world.

Result: 4th place


“For many slackliners from across the globe, competing at Red Bull Slackship on board Dar Młodzieży (The Gift of Youth) would be a dream come true. This year, the world’s elite of experts in acrobatics performed on Slacklines are gathering in Poland. 10 of the best athletes in the world and one rookie will square off on a 23-meters long Slackline rigged between the masts of the sailing ship at the height of 25 metres. The competition encompasses a few rounds during which the slackliners perform acrobatics while trying to avoid falling down and the judges evaluate three elements: style, difficulty of the tricks, and the height at which they are being performed.” .- Red Bull

Waterline World Record

In April 2017, the Slacktivity team set off to break the world record of the longest slackline over water.

Location : Kalterer See, Italy

The team, with the support of the local authorities and a firefighters team, managed to rig this huge 750 meter slackline crossing the hole lake on a height of 40 meters over the water.

The best part was that the line was 40 meters high and had exactly 40 meters of sag in the middle. We would hang out on a pedal boat right next to the slackliner and speak with him while he was doing his crossing.

Samuel Volery, Lukas Irmler and Tijmen Van Dieren all sent the line, establishing the new record.

The project was featured in several news papers and by National Geographic.

Photos by Cola Petra.

Navagio Beach Highline & Shipwreck Project

Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

“Navagio beach” has been rated several times in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Famous videos like this one or this one have gone around the world. The place has had base jumpers, rope jumpers, climbers, motorcycling and much more… So we left to setup the first ever Slacklines over Navagio beach.

The team was made of 15 people from Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Holland and Switzerland. All over motivated and experienced slack liners ready for this challenge.

A challenge indeed since rising two highlines of 270 meters and 580 meters is not an easy task.

Steps for the rigging:

  • Bringing 10 bags full of gear to the location

  • Scouting the anchors

  • Rigging four anchors (one side take 30 minutes of walking along the cliffs)

  • Making the connexion with a drone

  • Pulling the 3mm tagline across the hole bay (we didn’t notice it was floating in the water at some point and that a swimmer was playing with it)

  • Pulling the 270m & 580m setups (main line + backup line) over the hole bay.

  • Tensioning

  • Walking!!!

Once rigged, these we definitely some of the most beautiful lines ever. People travel from all around the world to visit Navagio beach. We were standing in a place nobody else had ever been before. Literally gazing down to the beach, 200m above the boats and the people. Every single moment was unique and priceless. The emotion of walking on those lines is difficult to describe. Euphoria is pretty close.

Samuel Volery, Antony Newton, Karin Doblander and Nico … are some of the best Highliners in the world. Their performances on these lines were absolutely stunning.

I also had some of my best runs and attempts of my life. I walked the 270m highline in crazy conditions with very strong winds. The line had a 15m side-sag and I had to fight for every step. I finally walked the line with 5 catches. My best segment was about 180m without falling.

I was so excited and couldn’t believe I was able to spend time out there and walk the line full-man (back & forth) and felling in control all the time. This is a level of Highlining that no professional Trickliner has ever reached.

My dream for that day on is to compete at an international level of Tricklining and being part of the best Highliners at the same time, trying to master Slacklining in all it’s disciplines.

Aidan Williams, an Austrialian photographer, captured some of the best moments of this adventure. Find more about him here.