Lyell Grunberg is a 21 year old professional Slackliner and artist from Switzerland.

Having 7 years of experience, he has grown to be a very versatile slackliner and is part of the best Trickliners worldwide . Lyell is Slacklining as a full-time career since June 2016.

Lyell Grunberg Profile photo

Having participated in more than 25 international competitions around the world, traveling and meeting the Slackline community worldwide, holding workshops and performing shows all over Europe and overseas, he is a well-known athlete for his never-dying motivation and his will to learn something new everyday.

“My goal as a Slackliner is to inspire people to balance every single aspect of their life. Walking on the line is for me only a practical way of seeking for balance in everything I do”.

His philosophy: “Things always seem impossible, until their done. Train a little every day, be patient and at some point you will become really good”.

Lyell is a very ambitious and enthusiastic person and trains hard to achieve his dreams.

“On a slackline we are constantly falling. I believe it is the same for us in life. We are constantly seeking balance. Each and one of us has to learn to balance and use each opportunity to learning something new everyday”.

Lyell was part of Slackline projects featured by big names like “People Are Awesome” and “National Geographics“.