Lyell Grunberg is a 20 year old professional Slackline athlete from Switzerland.

Having 6 years of experience, he is part of the best Trickliners worldwide and one of the most versatile Slackliners ever. Lyell is Slacklining as a full-time career since June 2016.

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After participating in more than 25 competitions around the world, traveling and meeting the Slackline community worldwide, holding workshops and performing shows all over Europe and overseas, he is a well-known athlete for his never-dying motivation and his will to learn something new everyday.

“My goal as a Slackline athlete, is being able to compete on an international level of Tricklining and being on a professional level of Highlining at the same time. I am already taking part in world-class competitions since 2016 and I also had the opportunity to be part of some major Highline projects. This makes me one of the most versatile Slackliners in the two biggest Slackline disciplines out there”.

This obviously goes with a healthy way of living. Lyell doesn’t smoke or drink and makes sure his physical condition remains good.

His philosophy: “Things always seem impossible, until their done. Train a little every day, be patient and at some point you will become

really good”.

He is a very ambitious and enthusiastic person and trains hard to achieve his dreams. He has been Slacklining full-time since beginning of 2016. This means he considers Slacklining his work and dedicates himself to it.

Being visible, in real life and on social media is for him the other half of the job. Grabbing every opportunity to get an extra experience and learning something new.

Lyell is part of Slackline projects featured by big names like “People Are Awesome” and “National Geographics“.